Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WHAT color is the baby's room?

A few days ago, I mentioned that I would be making a baby quilt soon. I have been  waiting to see what color(s) they painted the baby's room. 

Well, it has been painted orange and white! What a refreshing idea!

However,  orange and white both are the LEAST represented colors in my stash. I have only a  few pieces of each.

So, in spite of my pledge not to buy more fabric, it looks like I have no choice.  I might get one piece of each color from my friend in Florida, but I may have to reluctantly visit my favorite neighborhood fabric store. 

I haven't decided what pattern I will use, but I love making bargellos, and so it will probably be some form of a mini-bargello.  I hope I can find some novelty fabric with those colors, so I can fussy-cut some pictures in the bargello strips.....and put some pictures in the border.

My very favorite part of making a quilt is auditioning and choosing the fabrics, so I am happy to be starting the project now. The baby is due in early June, so I hope to have it finished by then. 

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