Saturday, April 4, 2009

Something I've always wanted

The full grown Weeping Katsura Tree that I have been admiring at Hidden Hill Nursery for years is not in bloom yet, but it has a beautiful shape. I bought one that already has some growth on it;  we will plant it as soon as the weather permits (we're expecting more frost next week). I know it will be fun watching it develop. When I say  "we" will plant it, I use the term loosely. I will point and Bob will do the planting.

I also saw some beautiful hellebore plants. The
 subtle colors are so appealing, and how cool would it be to have flowers blooming as early as February. (Did I hear that right???) 
So those will be my next purchase.

There are several wonderful nurseries here that often feature outdoor sculpture shows. Another beautiful one is Yew Dell Gardens, in Crestwood. It was started by Theodore Klein, who I think was responsible for getting the Weeping Katsura Tree here.

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