Monday, April 6, 2009

Another Challenge

Here's another finished challenge. My friend chose these wonderful fabrics, and issued the challenge: It was to focus on a poem, and at least some of the poem's words needed to appear in the finished product.

I knew immediately which poem I would choose - A delightful poem about a puffin, which  a friend had recited to me before I went to the Isle of Man about five years ago. For years, I have been fascinated with puffins, and have wanted to see some in real life. I thought I would see them on the coast of the Isle of Man, but we missed them. 

Last summer, I just missed seeing some tufted puffins on the coast of Oregon, but they flew behind a huge rock, beyond our view...

Although I still hope to see some in Maine during their season, I have contented myself with sewing this little book, and capturing their images in cloth.


Of course, I used some more of my stash of Ultrasuede scraps, did a lot of fusing, and I bought some shiny fabric for some of the fish.  I couldn't resist some decorative machine quilting, and sewed on lots of  beads and buttons.

We have several more challenges on the table, with no deadlines, so they are getting pushed aside until some inspiration hits me. One is Kimonos, and another is using some silk which another friend's husband brought back from some exotic country.

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