Thursday, April 16, 2009

Feeding the Soul

Took some time off today for a visit with good friends and a wonderful lunch downtown.

After lunch, we visited one of my favorite galleries, Pyro Gallery. It is a co-op gallery, and I know several of the artists in the co-op. 

All are local artists, and many different media are represented in the group.

The show was called "Downsize", and it was meant to fit into our current thinking about our lifestyles, and the changes necessitated by the state of the economy. 

All the pieces in the show were 12" or less in size. Many different media were represented - paintings, fabric, ceramic, metal, bronze, photography, etc.  Although many of the pieces were in a predictable 12" x 12" square format, others were more imaginative. One set of four paintings of shoes (get it? - "FOOT" ) were hung on point, and it was very effective. There was a triptych of three squares of machine embroidered fabric mounted in acrylic boxes that was one of my favorites.  Another fabric piece featured vintage lace in unusual compositions.

If you are in the area, it is a show worth seeing, and it will be up through May 16.


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