Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Chick

Any excuse I can find to do foundation piecing is good enough for me. 

I was planning an Easter week visit to Denise, a young friend in Taylorsville for a long overdue visit with her, and to see her rooster and hens, and her new baby chicks, just two weeks old today.

I found this pattern in the "Wee Ones" patterns from the Silver Linings website, and it came via email the next day. I decided to make it as a little Easter gift for her.

It had nine parts, and went together very nicely. I was able to use some of my hand-dyed blues, and some of my favorite yellow fabrics.

I enjoyed working toward a deadline, and after I finished the piecing, I still had time for some machine quilting - a little threadplay to simulate the fluff that baby chicks have. And at midnight, I decided to add a few beads  for a little sparkle.

We had a very pleasant visit - the weather was the best it's been all week. After a delightful lunch at the Tea Cup in "downtown" Taylorsville, we went to the house, and I had a few Kodak moments with the beautiful rooster, the six hens, and three darling little chicks.

A surprise bonus for me was being given a half-dozen of the freshest eggs imaginable. I watched while Denise collected them from the hen-house.

 Can you say "free-range?" Can't wait to try them for breakfast...

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