Friday, April 3, 2009

Cleaning and Organizing

Since it has been exactly a week since I started cleaning and organizing my sewing room, it is time for a partial "reveal", as they say on HGTV. This is a beautiful table my nephew made for me about 10 years ago. It is lovely, in the Shaker style, and nice and tall for working on. But for about the past nine years, it has just collected patterns, fabric, unfinished projects, and miscellany. This is the first I have actually seen the tabletop in years.
Now that I have cleared it off and cleaned it, my vow to myself is to keep it clear. I want to enjoy its beauty, and I want to have it as a second work table.

The sun came out just as I started to take the pictures, so you can see how pretty the table is next to my window with the great view.
My big work table is 99.9% finished, but not ready for prime time.
I feel confident that having everything in its place will make it so much easier to work and be creative. I have everything finished now except one small stack of fabric that is hard to put in a category. I bought clear plastic bins in various sizes, and have them filled, labeled and stacked, ready to go.
P.S. Bob took some "before" pictures before I started my organizing. Today he asked if I was going to include any "before" pictures in my blog. The answer is "no". It would be too embarrassing. Take my word for it - this is definitely a major improvement!!!
More photos soon!

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