Sunday, April 26, 2009

More beautiful weather!

Today is another beautiful day here, as Derby fever builds. This next week of Derby festivities is chock-full of fun activities. This morning the balloon race came off without any problems. It is one of the most colorful events of the festival, and has something for everyone.

Bob and I went to brunch at North End Cafe, one of our favorite spots, very artsy and tasty, too.
We also went to the Cherokee Triangle Art show; it was hot walking around, but it is a good quality show, situated in a beautiful neighborhood, the Highlands. I didn't see any quilts, but there were several booths with good textiles - hand-dyed wearables and bags, and some beautiful scarves and jackets from African fabrics.

These two fabrics are the ones I ordered from equilter. I always look on my friend Mary Jane's equilter "wish list" and I almost always find just the right fabric. These are both for my orange and white baby quilt, which has now morphed into a mobile. 

Teal and turquoise are my secondary colors, after the orange and white, and although it doesn't sound right, my other color is red!

Photos will follow, once I have enough to show. I am really enjoying the project. And the colors. Orange is not a color I have used much in the past, and I had almost no orange in my stash. So when the expectant parents told me they had painted the baby's room in Dreamsicle orange and white, I had no choice but to start shopping for fabric!

This white on white is really a wonderful fabric. Although I am using some solid colors, I prefer to use fabrics that "read" solid. I'd rather have something with some texture or a very subtle print.

So it's back outdoors right now to enjoy this beautiful day. Unfortunately, the weather may  turn wet in time for Derby, but this would not be the first year that's happened. One year we even had snow!!!  Horses in galoshes racing around the track - what a sight!

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