Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Final Stretch...

Well, I have used every excuse in the book for not finishing this quilt.  "I don't like working on wool in the summer", "My room is too cool in the winter", "I just had foot surgery", "the  recipient is not in a hurry to get it", "I'm not sure how I'll quilt or tie it", " I don't know how I'll bind it", and so on.

My big work table has been cleared off for several weeks now, and that was my final excuse. So the quilt is now on the table, ready to be tied and bound. 

 You can see the beautiful rose pink Dupioni silk that the person I'm making it for picked out for the backing. He got it at Hancock's of Paducah, where Mr. Hancock himself said "This quilt NEEDS a silk backing." 

 I love the soft wools and the ultrasuede square centers (no two the same), and the silk is a dream to work with.  

So I am going to start tying it today, with 2 mm. silk ribbon. I think the quilt will be hung, not actually used, so I'll put a sleeve on and bind it, and it will be ready for its place in the Federal Courthouse, in my friend's chambers. I have been asked to put it in a show this June, so the deadline helped. 

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