Monday, April 20, 2009

Art Quilt Group

I went to my local art quilt group tonight. I hadn't been in a while, so I hadn't done the challenge for this month. It was to be a Derby related quilt, since late April and early May in Louisville are all about the Kentucky Derby. 

The quilts people brought were really delightful. It is always fun to see how different people interpret the challenge differently. The great thing about challenges is that it inspires us to try things we might not otherwise work into our bag of design tricks.

We also had show and tell, and that is my favorite part; the discussions and idea-sharing always leave me with a list of things to look up and things to try.

The challenge for next month is interesting: the quilt can be any size but it cannot be a rectangle or square. AND, it cannot have a traditional binding! It doesn't have to have a binding at all, but if it does, we have to think of something different.

I have some ideas, and I have a whole month to settle on something, and get busy on it.

Before I start on it, however, I am determined to finish that wool quilt!

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