Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ugly is only Skin Deep

The quilt group at my local fabric shop met last night. It was a really pleasant meeting. We shared our challenges from last month (not a rectangle and not traditional binding.) It was fun seeing how each person interpreted it, or hearing about what they would have done if they had done it.

 People shared news of fabric stores, upcoming shows, new products, etc. There was just good general conversation, too. It's a nice group, a little different each month as people come and go and come back.

One of my favorite parts is the challenge. For next month, each person brought an "ugly" fat quarter. We drew from a grab bag, and there was much hilarity as each person drew his or hers. The one I drew (pictured above) is not what I consider "ugly" at all; in fact, I almost bought a fat quarter of that same fabric before the meeting began.

I've already begun thinking about what I will do with it; we have to make two pieces, not identical, but "fraternal" twins. I get to keep one, and the other goes to the person who donated that piece of fabric.

I like having the challenge to work on between bigger projects, or when I need a break from a big project. I have some ideas about what I will do with this, and I have a whole month to get it finished.

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