Friday, May 29, 2009

I Miss Baer's !

Just a short piece today about the loss of good service in some local shops.

Yesterday, my quilting friend, Anita, ( was talking about a couple of local shops that have made it difficult for her to get the parts and service she needs for her quilting machines.

I had a similar experience with Austin's which recently got new owners. 

Normally, I really like to shop at locally owned stores. I love Carmichael's Bookstore, I prefer locally owned coffee shops like Highland, and my list goes on.

Earlier in the year, I had a bad experience with Austin's, who had supposedly ordered me the 2 mm. ribbon I needed for a project. I was not able to find it anywhere else in town, now that Baer's is gone. After months and months of waiting, I finally changed to a different color, and completed my project.

Well, over a month ago, I ordered a roll of black grosgrain ribbon. That seems pretty simple. Not magenta or some other exotic color. I needed almost 10 yards, so I ordered a whole roll. Austin's said it would be in in a few days. Well, several weeks went by, and no ribbon. Then they said it was on "back order". After a couple more weeks, I got some story about Bernina buying the company, blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada.

When I went in to the shop yesterday, the owner was in the work area, and didn't even turn around to say "May I help you?".  She was working on her own project, but somehow I think it would have been good to greet a customer, something you don't see in that store very often! They have opened a second store, although their first store has inadequate, indifferent service. 

I'll keep my long story short. 

I finally ended up buying the ribbon on line. Here's the best part: Austin's was going to charge me $20 for a 10-yard roll. On line, I got a 50-yard roll for only $9.99 + shipping. For the exact same ribbon!

Enough said!

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  1. I've been in Austin's twice since the ownership changed and was grieved by the lack of threads compared to the way Jerry kept it. I thought that maybe I would return to learn to use the longarm but it just hasn't been on my radar.

    I miss Baer's terribly...everytime I fly down Market, I still expect to see it just doesn't feel right.

    Oh, and I'm thinking I made myself known on your post about Elizabeth Catlett...but if I didn' name is Karen. Are you a member of LAFTA by any chance?