Saturday, May 9, 2009

On a mission!

I'm taking a little break from sewing, and enjoying the sunshine to search for the elusive pineapple sage plant.

They had it at Bunton's nursery, but sold out before I could get there. So Bunton's kindly told me that their supplier is Thieneman's, out Taylorsville Road. 

 We headed out there this morning while we were out in that area on other errands. I always enjoy the Saturday morning errands.

Bob snapped these pictures before I could protest, and the resident kitty didn't seem to mind at all.

Things were bustling because of Mother's Day, but I found the pineapple sage plants and also got a few mint plants, too. I was tempted with some other things, but I have to be realistic about my lack of gardening talent. The truth is that Bob will plant these, and he will be the one to remember to water them when they need it.

Hope we can get them planted between the rainstorms.

We're heading to Tyler Park now, within walking distance, for a "hootenanny."

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