Sunday, May 3, 2009

Rainy Day after Derby

It's a rainy Sunday in Louisville.  We're just glad there were no downpours before or during the Derby. The track was plenty muddy, but fortunately, no jockeys or horses were injured, just covered with mud. It's interesting that the jockeys wore multiple pairs of goggles and took each pair off as it became too  muddy to see through.  The jockey who won was fun to watch, very emotional and charming. He had also won the Oaks the day before, so he was pretty happy.

It's always fun to see a long shot win. If I were to bet, I would bet on a long shot. I figure I'm probably not going to win, but if I did, I would know it.

We are supposed to get an inch or two of rain today. Most of the Derby parties are over, and things will return to normal. I've been sewing along on my baby quilt. Actually fusing, to be more accurate. It isn't a cuddly baby quilt, it will be a wall quilt, and so it just has to be fun to look at, not to curl up with.

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