Monday, May 18, 2009

A Day in the Country

We spent yesterday afternoon at an open house at Clifton Nicholson's, a wonderful sculptor and jewelry maker. His works are always based on nature, and rival Mother Nature herself in their beauty. He has animals, shells and plants in many different sizes, from tiny to bigger than life.

We went with friends who also appreciate the beauty of his work, and we almost always run into people we know. Some friends are fortunate enough to be able to afford his work, which is sold not only here, but in New York and all over.

Bob took some wonderful photos of the grounds and of the outdoor sculptures, too many to show here. (Of course he got permission from Cliff.)

This photo is the only one he took inside the house (with permission.) It is a beautiful array of pheasant feathers. Throughout the house are artifacts from nature - birds' nests, feathers, shells, and the transition from real nature to the nature in his sculpture and jewelry is seamless.

It was a most inspiring afternoon.  

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