Friday, May 22, 2009

The Quilting is Finished!

I got my North American Indian quilt back from Anita, who did the quilting on the background. I really love what she did! 

She chose a geometric pattern, which really looks perfect, and elevates the quilt to the next level (This first picture is the "Before" picture).

She filled in around the images, and it really improved the overall appearance.

 Anita has a son who lives in Alaska, and her daughter-in-law is a member of a North American Indian nation, so I think that is one reason she took an interest in this quilt with the Haida art theme.

She also described a way I could have done the fusing so that I could have quilted the pieces as I constructed them; it was more of a top-down
method, rather than a bottom-up construction. 

She also gave me other good suggestions; there's nothing like experience  for effective problem solving! 

I took the quilt to my two favorite fabric stores, Happy Hearts and Forget-Me-Knot. The ladies at both shops had been helpful in my fabric choices for the background, and they had said they wanted to see it when it was finished. They were impressed with Anita's quilting.

All I have left to do now is the binding, the sleeve,  and the label.

The baby is due in about a week, so I'd like to get the quilt delivered before the baby is delivered.

I know they won't get another baby gift quite like this one!

If you want to see a little more on Anita's blog, it is

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