Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What do you mean, "orange"

I spent yesterday shopping for the perfect background fabric for this project. I have a paint chip, but I know that paint chips are not always a perfect match. 

The painted wall is out in Portland Oregon, so I'll just have to solve this one without seeing it. That is the paint chip laying on the fabric choices.

I think it is safer to pick something significantly darker or lighter, rather than trying to match it  perfectly and having it look dissonant.

I bought six pieces of fabric yesterday to play with, and I figured I could use some for the backing, and maybe make little "frames" around the images with a solid. And add the rest to my stash, for my next project.

I have about decided on the "splotchy" fabric, and it has enough red in it to work with the red in the images. I may change my mind again, but for right now, I am moving ahead. If it doesn't work in the baby's room, they can always hang it in the hall, or somewhere else.

Here is another salmon that I finished yesterday. There is a lot of intricate cutting; thank goodness for sharp scissors.  I think I will add a little white to that negative space in the tail.

I have one more piece to finish today, a whale. Then I can start composing the whole thing. I am really enjoying this project, and learning a lot as I go. I continue to like fusing, and I look forward to quilting it as well. I just have to quit agonizing about the background and get to work!

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  1. Marilyn, if you can't find the perfect orange could you maybe go with the complimentary color? If you match the orange wall color perfectly to the background fabric.... will the quilt become lost when hanging on the wall?