Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunflower progress

Here are a few photos of my progress on my quadrant of the "fractured" sunflower challenge. I sewed down a brown background at the very center of the seed area, and then a gold background a little farther out.

I sewed tiny brass, copper and glass delica beads at the very center. Then, working my way out, I had three different types of amber glass beads. I just wanted some different textures.

This gave me a chance to try out my new camera. I bought a little Canon Power Shot, with Image Stabilizer and automatic adjustment for macro shots. I held the camera about 1/2 inch from the beads, and I am really pleased at the results!

This is my third Power Shot, but this one is a real improvement over the first two.

I have a couple more days of beading, and then I can get to the leaves and petals. This is one of the fabrics I will use for the leaves.

Although this looks like bananas at first, it is a few of my petals. I fused two fabrics together, with wires in the middle so I can bend the petals a little.

I will post again in a few days, when there is more to show.

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