Friday, April 9, 2010

Gifts from Friends

On this beautiful spring day, I had lunch with two good friends, and each came bearing gifts of the fabric kind.

Joan had received a package of African fabrics from St. Theresa's as a birthday gift, and it included some of those beautiful African brocades in clear colors. I don't think her original intent was to give any away, but in order to keep me from drooling all over it, she cut me a generous sample from three pieces - teal, gold and light green. 

My photos don't do justice to them, but the brocade patterns are really lovely.

I had really hoped to get to the sales at St. Theresa's before they closed, but I didn't make it, so this will be a happy reminder of the unique contribution they made to this area.

And, my friend Emma brought me some more beautiful Ultrasuede scraps, in dark fuchsia, tomato red, and lipstick red.

This is another commodity that is hard to find in the Louisville area since Baer's closed.

She also brought some scraps of this shiny black ultrasuede type fabric that I like to use for bird feet.  
No one would believe how much mileage I can get out of small scraps.

Thanks, ladies!

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