Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Sunflower finally bloomed!

I finally got the leaves on the sunflower section, and did some thread painting for the veins.

Next come the petals. I have them mostly fused on, and will do some thread painting on them for some texture.

I really like the way they look. The fabrics are some hand-dyes and some Phil Beaver fabric, which looks hand-dyed.

I am wondering if other people have trouble from time to time with fusible. The times I have had trouble involved batiks. I am thinking that they were real batiks that may have still contained some wax. Anyway, I have batik on the backs of these petals, to give them body; I also have wires fused in the petals so I can bend them a little for dimension. So it was batiks again that gave me trouble with fusing. I will just use a little glue to attach the petals before I stitch some texture on with thread painting...

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