Sunday, April 4, 2010

Snow Cranes on Snow

Several days ago I remarked about what fun it is to see one's work on a wall in a gallery.

Recently, the Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, Kentucky asked for artists to submit pieces for a "Black and White" show. 

I quickly ordered some black and white silk, and created this courting dance of snow cranes. The background is cotton, and the birds are all silk. It was difficult doing it entirely in black and white; I would like to have put a red cap on the birds' heads for accuracy and for a little splash of color.

The show opened yesterday, and it is a wonderful show which includes black and white pieces in  many different media - clay, glass, etchings, drawings, jewelry, and so on. If you have a chance, the KY Artisan Center is right off the exit of I-75, just south of Richmond KY. 

I didn't feel comfortable photographing the other pieces, but there were two other textile pieces, one other wall quilt, and a lovely wool felt traditional piece.

 The wooden snow bird tree in the corner is a wonderful piece, and a good neighbor for my piece. The pale yellow walls tend to give everything a washed-out look; I wish it had been more colorful, to set off the black and white pieces.

I enjoyed seeing the show, and will probably see it again later this summer. It will be up until after the big quilt extravaganza in early August. The next show after that will be a horse-related show, leading up to the International Equestrian Games, which will be held in Lexington in September. This is the first time they have been held outside of Europe, so it is a big deal. If anyone wants to make a horse related quilt, it should be a hot commodity!

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  1. You created it marvellously the cranes the dance of a wedding !
    The horse big challenge I am about to form a duvet for my husband since years .
    But holding my courage together with him was not him yet .my husband Until 45 years horse trainer a horse deserves a duvet,