Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gray Heron

Here are two pictures of herons that I took a few months ago. I liked the body position of the one on the left...

but I wanted the legs of the one on the right.

So I did some cutting and pasting, and ended up with a version that I liked. 
I went to Kinko's and made an enlargement that is about 30 inches tall.


These beautiful silks came a few days ago, from Waechter's in Asheville, NC.  It is really sad that good silk is difficult or impossible to get in Louisville, since Baer's closed. One store claimed to have Dupioni, but when I went to see it, they said it was on "back order."

These are scraps for the legs, knees and feet.

I will post pictures soon of the bird as it "comes out of its shell."

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