Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sunflower challenge

I have mentioned how much I enjoy quilting challenges, with friends, or with people in my Monday night group.

This one is both, four friends in my Monday night group. Last summer, I took some photos of sunflowers, and have been wanting to translate them to fabric ever since. So we are going to make a "fractured" sunflower quilt. 

We cut the photo, predictably, into four quadrants. I was wondering who would get the fourth with the bee in it. We enlarged each corner to 10" x 10", and that makes the finished piece end up about 20" x 20", a nice size.

There are really no rules - the pieces will not have borders, and will just be mounted butting up to each other, on a black background.

My corner is the lower left quadrant, and one of the two men in the group ended up with the bee.

I have started choosing my fabrics, and  collecting yarns for the area around the center.

I found some  wonderful amber beads, and am putting several different types of the beads in the center, for the seeds.

We don't really have a deadline, but I think everyone will be finished or nearly finished by our next meeting, on April 19. One of the men mentioned that he might not be using traditional colors for the petals, so we are eager to see what he surprises us with.

I will post a photo soon, of what I have so far.

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