Monday, April 19, 2010

Another acceptance!

I recently learned that the Kentucky Heritage Quilt Society's Annual Show at Western Kentucky University has the theme this year of "Quilts Inspired by Books."

I had nearly finished a little book based on one of my favorite books - "There Once Was a Puffin," by Florence Page Jaques. It is a children's book with a message, and it inspired me to make a quilt with images of my favorite little bird - the Atlantic puffin.

I think that virtually everyone who applies to be in that show gets in, but I have always liked the show, and am delighted to have a piece in it.

I have had quilts in a number of art shows before, with paintings, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry, wood, etc., but this is my very first Quilt Show.

I really love this little book. With permission from the publisher, I copied the poem in the book onto fabric...

I then created my own interpretation of the images (using fusible), 

and did a lot of machine embroidery and beading.

It was also a challenge for me to figure out how to join and bind the pages. My classes in bookbinding were not much help here. I just had to figure it out. It doesn't look bad.

It really is a charming little book, and I am delighted that it will be in this show.

 The show will be at the Kentucky Library and museum, on the Western Kentucky University Campus, May 21 - June 6, 2010...

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