Friday, April 16, 2010

A "Not Much Progress" Report

I haven't posted much lately because  "Life" has interfered. Nothing very interesting, just appointments, a car recall for something minor, and  fortunately,  some time to enjoy the beautiful spring that we earned back in the winter. 

I've also been "stuck" on this sunflower challenge. 

It took a long time to do the beading for the center of the flower. Next comes the leaves, then the petals, and last,  the "fuzzy" part between the petals and the center.

I have been to several shops, looking for some trim that I can adapt for the fuzzy part. I've also looked through my yarn collection for something I can use. 

In the meantime, I finally started attaching the leaves and doing some machine embroidery for the veins. 

Then the petals should go on easily.

Our Monday night meeting is this coming Monday, and I know one person has finished his quadrant, and I think I may have mine finished by then, too.

Then I can get back to my heron, and some other projects.

I know why this is called a "challenge" ! 

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