Thursday, April 8, 2010

Road Trip

To celebrate Bob's birthday today, we headed to 
Bardstown, to Nazareth Sisters of Charity, to visit Rita, a dear friend and fellow artist.

On the way, we passed this icon of the "Bourbon Trail", the rooster of Rooster Run Country Store.

It is definitely bourbon country; Bardstown is the "Bourbon Capital of the World" or so they claim. We passed a number of distilleries on the way.

One of the treasures to be found at Nazareth is this wonderful Penny Sisto mural, showing Catherine Spalding, and other figures in the history of the Sisters of Charity. I asked permission to photograph it.

On the left is Uncle Monroe, a former slave who is buried on the grounds near Catherine Spalding. The log cabin on the far left is an important part of their history, too.

The 13 "feathers" hanging from the mural are hand pieced.

It has been about 7 or 8 years since I first saw this piece, and it had as huge an impact today as it did the first time.

The center section is detachable, and is sometimes removed and carried as a banner in ceremonies honoring their history.

It was quite an enjoyable day.

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