Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blueberry Heaven

We left at sunrise today to go to Bryant's Blueberry farm in New Salisbury, Indiana, to pick blueberries.

But I left my camera at home and missed some wonderful photo-ops. These photos are from the Farm's website; they said I could use them in my blog.

The farm is about 30 miles west of  Louisville; the overnight storms had moved east, and it was a beautiful clear breezy morning.

It is a huge farm, with hundreds of bushes with many varieties of blueberries, perfect for picking. I'm glad we got there early, because by the time we left, there were lots of cars.

 We picked "Patriot" berries, a tart variety, and some other varieties that are a little more mild, but delicious. They taste like blueberries are supposed to taste, with a wonderful texture.

It was my first time at picking blueberries. They are beautiful in all stages of ripeness, and the clusters of berries look good enough to eat!

The drive there and back was beautiful, but by the time we got back, it was already hot and muggy.

We went to our neighborhood farmer's market, and there were more photo-ops, but no camera.
It's always fun to see friends there, and to get ultra-fresh produce and farm-raised beef, lamb and bison. 

All that, and back home by 10:30. I'm thinking of making blueberry muffins, and, of course, blueberry pancakes.

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