Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just what I needed - another quilting magazine!

While I was waiting to pick someone up from an appointment today, I decided to look at the magazines in the nearby bookstore.

I found this new magazine - Art Quilting Studio.

When I saw that it was published by the people responsible for Belle Armoire and Somerset Studio, I knew it would be good.

When I checked out, I was shocked that it cost $15.99, but after I looked at it, I feel that it is worth every penny.

Every article is interesting, and there are ideas for creative uses of common household fiber products, as well as unusual applications of things we find (and often throw away) in our sewing rooms.

There's a wonderful article about the healing power of sewing (Amen to that!) and other articles about using found objects, vintage remnants, and many others. Well worth the price!

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