Thursday, June 18, 2009

I Did, I Saw a Purple Cow

The challenge from our quilt shop quilt group this month is to create a small quilt, any size, any shape, from a handful of scraps that we drew from a scrap box.

My handful included several fragments of purple fabric, along with some green, a little sky fabric, and
a few gold and rust pieces wide enough for a narrow border and binding.

So I had no choice but to make a purple cow!

It was a perfect project for fusing, and I added a tree on the left, and a few beaded flowers on the right.

Projects like this are perfect for me to practice my machine quilting and thread painting; what's the worst thing that can happen? I just start over if I mess it up.

From my leftover Scrabble letter tiles, I found enough letters for a whimsical label, and it's finished.

I have some more scraps, and may make another farm themed mini-quilt before our next meeting. These little projects are good for a little relaxation between bigger projects.

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