Thursday, June 11, 2009

a "FO" (finished object)

Now that I have finished my two big projects that I've been working on for months, I am tackling my summer plan to finish some of my many UFOs.

The first was this little Japanese quilt, made from a very pleasant pattern in East Quilts West, by Kumiko Sudo, one of my favorite books. Years ago, I made quite a few little pieces from that book.  It was basically finished, but I had never done any quilting, so I just did "stitch in the  ditch" and I liked the effect without any additional quilting.

I find the simplicity of those Japanese patterns very appealing. This pattern is called "Kanzashi".

Although I often use Japanese fabrics, for this one I  just grabbed fabrics that appealed to me, including some scraps.

After I finished the piecing, I found the color combination so pleasing, and didn't really know why.

I have done a lot of reading about color theory, and I really enjoy just thinking about color combinations. 

My friend Mary Jane had given me a very nice color wheel years ago, and when I consulted these colors on the wheel, it turns out that I had chosen a "split complementary", with the violet, the yellow-green, and the yellow orange arranged in an isosceles triangle on the wheel.

(To get more technical,  yellow and violet are complements opposite each other on the wheel, and the yellow-green and yellow-orange are on either side of the yellow.)

The reason I am thinking about this again now, after  all these years, is that I am getting ready to take a class on color from Juanita Yeager, and one assignment is to bring a quilt that "works" and a quilt that doesn't "work."  This is the quilt that "works", so it is homework.

 Hope my dog doesn't eat it!

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