Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Quilt Group

Our quilt group at my favorite quilt shop met last night, and it was really enjoyable!

First, we had "Show and Tell" with the projects we made for the "Ugly Fabric" challenge. It is so much fun to see all the different designs. Even though the challenge is the same for everyone, the varied results are really interesting, everything from whimsical to artistic.

Our challenge for next time should be fun, too. We each donated some scraps to the box of scraps at the shop. Then each person drew out a handful of scraps. We weren't supposed to look, but people did,  and put some back if they didn't like them.

I was fortunate to grab a handful which included some purples, and a little gold and green, and black and white.

I feel a  purple cow coming into my future. We have a month to complete the project.

I really like the people in the group. Each time one or two more people join, so it is reaching critical mass, and each person has something to add. There are two men in the group, and another one is going to join next time. That's also a nice perspective to add to the group. Right now, at the shop, they are having their second annual show by men quilters, with some beautiful quilts.

I think having the group meet at the shop is good business for the shop, too. The owner attends our group and contributes. Also, when a topic comes up, she pulls out books that are relevant.  And of course, people want to buy them. 

This group is much more fun than a similar group there last year. I think it is partly because it is less structured, and partly because it is just a really nice group of compatible people with similar interests. One of the member is having a pot luck picnic in a couple of weeks for quilty friends, so that should be fun, too...

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