Thursday, March 18, 2010

Visiting my "adopted" quilts

Yesterday, I visited a friend to show her my latest project. 

She has four of my Oriental bargellos, and had hung them since the last time I was out there to visit.

Her home is very striking and dramatic, with a definite Oriental feel. Her bathroom and kitchen walls are made from small stone bricks, which are beautiful in themselves.

She hung this red black and white quilt on the bricks in the bathroom, and it really looked stunning. When I walked in, it really got my attention. She has other art in the room,  red black and white prints. 

She has two quilts hanging in her living room. This one was made for her, and I was really pleased with how it looked. We chose the colors together, and it is really effective in her room.  What fun to have it hanging with a zebra skin!

1 comment:

  1. Your work never fails to amaze me! Everytime I look at one of your pieces I immediately think... gosh, I want to do one too. It's hard to focus on what I really need to do.