Monday, March 22, 2010

Selvages, Anyone?

When I decided to make a selvage quilt for an upcoming show, I looked online at other selvage quilts, and virtually all of them were very traditional squares, like Log Cabin and other squares with parallel strips.

Of course the reason for that is obvious.

But I wanted to do something different, and try to force the strips into curves.

After I made the first striped bass with curved stripes, I decided that on the second one, the stripes could go the other way.

Eventually, there will be a lot more detail and quilting on the background and on the fish. There may even be  another fish.

But, since the deadline isn't until July 30, I decided to put this away for a while, and work on things with closer deadlines... 

So sometime later, I will show how this ends up, before I ship it off...

Once I finish this, I don't think I will need to make another selvage quilt.

 One more thing off my list!

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