Friday, March 19, 2010


It's been almost a year since I posted my first blog.

And what a year!

When I first  started blogging, I felt that I had to post every day, and I have now graduated to a more realistic pace. The one thing that I do feel strongly about is that I try to post at least one photo with my writing. I think it may make it more interesting  for someone visiting my site.

It has been a productive year, with several "major" pieces that have tested my abilities, and stretched my reach. I have practiced and become somewhat better at machine quilting and thread painting. However, sometimes my brain and my hands still are not working together.

I started working more with silk, and I find that a wonderful medium for pictorial quilts. 

I have enjoyed participating in my Monday night "Art Quilters" group, and I have learned a lot, and have enjoyed sharing. I have had quilts in several shows, and get a thrill seeing my work on the wall of an art gallery.

I start this next year with many plans and ideas.
I have enjoyed blogging, and hope that a few people have enjoyed seeing my work. I have been fortunate to travel, and with my camera, I have generated ideas for new quilts. I have been to several very inspiring art shows and galleries here and in other cities. 

As I get ready for the first day of spring, I am more than happy to leave winter behind and try to make my next year a creative and productive one...

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