Thursday, January 28, 2010

Zoot Suit Revisited

When I posted this silly bird before, he had a hat to go with his zoot suit, and I got several welcome suggestions that he definitely needed a chain.

I went to a  neighborhood jewelry shop, and they found a perfect length of gold chain to finish his "look."

He also now has spats with gold buttons. 

Later this year I will be doing a demonstration of creating these birds, and so he will be with me on that occasion.

I have also mentioned how I love making things from scraps. While cleaning my workspace, I found a few strips of fabric that I had dyed for a bargello several years ago, made to resemble a
 Moroccan rug. So I took a few minutes, and assembled them into this little landscape.

It will just be used as a little mat somewhere in the house, but I love the colors, and will enjoy seeing it from time to time.

This is not a great photo, but this is the Moroccan quilt that the scraps are left from.

It was a wedding present for a couple who had traveled to Morocco, and it was fun doing the research to come up with a design that had the appropriate colors, and that might resemble a carpet. They loved it.

My challenge was dyeing the colors that I saw in the photograph books. Morocco, as fascinating as it seems to be, is probably not a place I will ever get to visit. I have been to Turkey, and loved the rich colors all around, and I imagine Morocco as being even more exotic.

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