Saturday, January 2, 2010

Keeping My New Year's Resolution

I'm working on my silk landscape of the Appalachian Trail photo of "Max Patch."

Before I started thread painting on the actual piece, I practiced on a little postcard sized sample. I wanted to try my threads, and also try some different stitches. I'm glad I did, because on those bottom shapes, I tried a "contour" that ended up looking like bales of hay. So I won't do that on the actual piece.

Here's some stitching on the bigger piece ( it's about 10" x 12".)

As for my New Year's Resolution: I resolved to use some of those special fabrics that I was hoarding. That goes for thread, too. Recently, I splurged on some Floriani metallic threads. Two of the colors are perfect for this little quilt - the turquoise and the lime green. So I did some of the thread painting with those...Again, I have hundreds of  yards of it, and if I were to run out, I can always buy more...

If the metallic thread looks too shiny, I can always tone it down with more thread painting with regular thread. 

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