Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The pleasures of Spring in Louisville, KY

When the weather begins to turn warm, one of my favorite things is to sit outdoors and do hand-sewing, or, even better, BEADING. I find sewing beads on quilts very meditative and relaxing. There are very few things that can make me sit still for that long, but the quiet time, and the end product of seeing those sparkly beads liven up a quilt piece, really works for me!

I am working on a wall hanging that I started last Spring, a quilt based on a photograph of a small iris. I did a lot of machine quilting on it, and am now in the process of adding beads to it.

So I welcome the arrival of these lovely warm days; between getting hit by Hurricane Ike in September, and then a major ice storm in January, we are ready for some lovely weather.

When I finish the quilt, I will post a picture.

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