Sunday, March 22, 2009

CourtHouse Steps

As I did the wool quilt, I really grew to like the CourtHouse Steps design. I really like the geometry of quilt squares, being a former math teacher. So I decided to do another quilt with that square. This time, though, I am choosing bright colors, and a happy Sun Face at the centers of the squares.

I am using the strips as opportunities to practice my machine quilting. I tend to do things in a hurry, so working in those little strips should help me be more patient and improve my quality control. This quilt will be a birthday present.

I just have to finish the quilting, add a border, and do the binding and add a sleeve. I love the happy colors!

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  1. Hi Marilyn .. thanks for posting on my blog .. as you more then likely read I am originally from canada but yes like you said lucky enough to live in suffolk... and hey did you see my new Gracie quilting frame yippeee hopefully I will get some quilting done now..... Nice to meet you.. and I am going to follow your blog sooo be prepared for comments LOL