Sunday, May 29, 2011

A new Toy...

My big news this holiday weekend is that I bought a Janome 6600 sewing machine!

I have had my old Janome since 1997, and I have liked everything about it. At various meetings and groups, I have heard diehard Bernina users badmouth the Janome, but I have never had trouble with it, and it has done everything I needed to do.

I was beginning to think about getting an upgrade, mostly to have a machine with a bigger area to the right of the needle, for quilting and thread painting on larger quilts. I recently talked about the 36" by 48" blue quilt that I quilted, and there were times that I had to fight with it to get it to fit through the space as I quilted...

So on Saturday morning, I went out to Moore's Sewing Center with my friend Emma, and we had a wonderful introduction to the machine by the shop owner, Linda. She was very articulate and well-informed, but at no time was there a hard sell.

Actually, she didn't need to - the features and design of the machine sold themselves. After just a few minutes, I knew I wanted it... I was mostly interested in the size of the space for quilting, but there were so many other features that were equally appealing.

As I have said before in this blog, I always try to give local business owners my business. I have always liked doing business at Moore's, but these current owners have had the business for almost a year, and there are some good improvements in the shop.

The first thing I will do is take their introductory course. The machine has a lot of wonderful features, including the ability to embroider letters and numbers, so there is a lot to learn.

* * * * * *

Although it is hot this holiday weekend, Bob and I went for a very pleasant bicycle ride (actually Bob was on rollerblades) this morning on the Anchorage loop, and in the area around Anchorage. There were lots of wildflowers, and next time I will take my camera.

Then we had lunch at a new restaurant in Anchorage, and enjoyed eating outdoors, but in the shade, where there was a refreshing breeze.

Tomorrow, we will go on the Mayor's "Hike, Bike, and Paddle." Bob helped build the kayak that the mayor will be using, and Bob will be on a paddleboard. The paddlers, in canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards, will go upriver into Beargrass Creek.

I will be on my bicycle; the bicyclers will leave the riverfront, and head toward Iroquois Park, and I'm not sure where the runners and walkers will go. The temperature is going into the 90s, but the activities should be over before the hottest part of the day.

I'm looking forward to it.

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