Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another blue heron

Here are two photos I took in Florida. I combined features of the two for a heron quilt.

I made one a while back, and it was a Christmas gift.

This one, facing the opposite direction, was started last August when I did a demo during the big quilt weekend in Berea. I was showing how I create my bird quilts, one feather at a time...

Then, when I got back from Berea, I started a new job, and this heron sat unfinished until a few weeks ago. I have it nearly finished now, except for a little more thread painting on the feathers and head, beak and eye.

My background is one of my favorite fabrics. I have been saving it for just the right project, and I like it on this one, even though I had to piece my last two fat quarters. I have looked all over for more of it, but can't find any more..

Except for the background, all the fabric is dupioni silk, and it was really lovely to work with. I put Pellon fusible on the back of it, to keep it from raveling.

Although the photos were taken in Florida, we see herons here in Kentucky by the river all the time. What a graceful beautiful bird!

We were eating at one of our favorite riverside restaurants on Sunday, and there was a heron fishing nearby.


The quilt measures about 22" x 44"

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