Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two woven pieces

Here is one piece I made for the "woven" challenge for my Monday night group.

The fuchsia and orange was supposed to be for a three-dimensional woven piece, but I cut it backwards (mirror image of what I needed) so I couldn't use it, and I didn't have any more...

But I couldn't waste it, so I used it in another experiment. I used two fabrics instead of four, and the results are more subtle, in terms of showing the weaving effect.

I wouldn't call the colors subtle, however!

So far, it is just a "vessel", and has little glass feet. It may become a tote bag, not sure yet.

The next piece has a woven background of Japanese paper, marbled paper, marbled fabric, and a gold fabric.

After I finished the woven part, it needed something, so I appliqued the calla lilies, and did a little machine embroidery. I love the colors.

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