Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend Activities

We had a wonderful Memorial Day, starting with a continental breakfast at Ghyslain, one of our favorite new restaurants in the "NuLu" area of East Market. New restaurants are
opening up every week there, and this is a very charming bistro with a French flavor, right across from Toast, another favorite.

We then headed to the Riverfront, where we added flags to the array, in honor of our soldiers.

Waterfront Park was the site of the Mayor's "Hike, Bike and Paddle" event. This bicycling event has been going for several years, but our new mayor added paddling and hiking to it this year.

Some volunteers, with the help of the Skipping Fish Boat School, built a beautiful kayak for the mayor to use in the event.

Here is the start of the Bicycling group.

There were literally thousands of cyclists, all ages and types, from leisure riders to serious guys and gals in their Spandex outfits.

Here is a friend of ours on his "penny farthing" bicycle. I don't know if he went the entire 15 miles on this.

(Sorry picture is blurry)

Here are the paddlers at the dock, getting ready to get in the water, in kayaks and canoes, and two brave souls on stand-up paddleboards. (Bob was one of them)

After the boats got launched, I headed up River Road on my bicycle, to watch them come up Beargrass Creek, and go under the old bridge.

Here is Bob (in green shirt) on his standup paddleboard, making it look easy to stand up and paddle, but something tells me it isn't as easy as it looks!

The Mayor is somewhere nearby...

Although it was very very hot and sunny, it was a very enjoyable day. They provided plenty of cold water for the participants, and everyone seemed to have a good time...

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