Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meditation in Fabric

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a beautiful little book, Japanese Quilt Blocks.

It has wonderful illustrations and over 125 Japanese quilt blocks. Some are very simple, and some require learning new skills.

I have picked out several very appealing squares, and plan to use my collection of fabrics from Japan to complete them.

I made some Japanese quilts years ago from the East Quilts West books. But that was before I had three drawers full of fabric from Japan.

The first square, shown here, was just a practice piece, but my next two will use Japanese fabrics exclusively...

Yes, it is very difficult to cut into some of those "special"  fabrics, but I realize that they are not accomplishing anything resting in my drawer. I have collected them for years, and it is time to get them out in public.

So the next two pieces will do just that.
I have quite a collection of indigo fabrics, and will try a square using those, if I can get enough contrast with them.

I used some of my treasured dichroic beads for snow on the mountaintops here. Again, what am I saving them for?

Most of the patterns in the book finish to 9" squares. Right now, I just plan to do a number of squares, and then decide how to finish them, whether to combine them, or let each piece stand alone.

With all the fusing I have done lately, and working from photographs, it is a little surprising for me to be working from traditional patterns, but the book really caught my imagination. I think it will be a wonderful exercise in choosing and combining  fabrics, and give me the opportunity to be a little more disciplined in my work. 

I have already cut the pieces for the next square, and have gathered my indigo fabrics for the third square, so I will post photos of those soon.

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