Saturday, November 21, 2009


When we were in Florida, I visited a quilt shop in an Amish area of Sarasota, and as there always is, there was a group of Amish women sitting around a big traditional quilt, quilting and chatting.

I asked their permission to sit with them for a few minutes, and they were very gracious and welcoming. I found sitting with them very calming, and I enjoyed talking with them for a few minutes.

Afterward, my Florida friend let me borrow this little book, Plain and Simple, by Sue Bender. It was a very pleasant book to read, and had some good lessons, for sewing and for life.

It talked about having joy in your work, rather than fretting about the outcome.  It was a good lesson for me,  to have pleasure in every step of the process of whatever you are doing, rather than having "Accomplishment" as your goal.

I really recommend it. I am going to try to get her next book,  Everyday Sacred.

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