Friday, November 20, 2009

Florida at its Best

We just returned from a wonderful time in Florida, on the Gulf Coast between Sarasota and Venice.

I was recovering from foot surgery, and couldn't do any bicycling this time, but the trip couldn't have been nicer. 

There were many birds around, and great Kodak moments. This is a sandhill crane, and perhaps the very same one I did my little quilt of several months back.

This is "Louie," a beautiful little egret who took up residence on our patio, and wouldn't leave until we gave him some breakfast. He wasn't the least bit afraid of us, and whenever we walked anywhere on the property, he was right behind us!

We saw hundreds of dragonflies this trip, and their iridescent wings and bodies were brilliant in the sun.

Hurricane Ida came and went while we were there. Although it didn't come ashore where we were, the remnants were very beautiful - gorgeous clouds, heavy winds, and very high surf. Sorry about the damage it did elsewhere, but the coast where we were was unaffected.

Here's a crane family, Mom and Dad and the two chicks. One of the chicks is the one I had a photo of for my quilt...

What a treat to be able to see these beautiful creatures on a daily basis!


This is Caspersen Beach, in Venice. Like many of the beaches in that area, one can find shark's teeth  from prehistoric times. It is amazing that they are still washing up after all these thousands of years...

I got dozens of wonderful photos this trip, and maybe one of them will inspire a quilt some day.

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