Monday, November 30, 2009

An Inspiring Quilt Show

Today I went to one of the best quilt shows I have seen in a long time! At the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, there is a show of  Water Quilts , and it was absolutely inspiring and beautiful!

I love shows with a theme, and it is always fascinating to see how different artists interpret and represent that theme. Water quilts are near and dear to my heart, and these were some of the BEST!

I loved seeing silk being used more than usual in quilts, and the "silkiness" really enhanced the images of water.

If I had to pick two favorites, one would be the cut-silk quilt by Tim Harding. Several years ago I saw a cut-silk work by him, similar to the one I have shown here. It was in a book from the Quilt National Show, and I really found it breathtaking. But in person, his work is even more so.

My other favorite had to be the fish quilt by Ruth McDowell. It was a very large piece, and her masterful use of fabrics, like the detail I have shown here, has long been a model for me. There is nothing more I can say about her work; it speaks for itself.

I really recommend this show. I will definitely be going back at least one more time! It is on until December 19; you can stop in the gift shop, too,  to look at the treasures there.

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