Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back to my Prague quilt

Now that I have returned from a wonderful and restoring Florida vacation, and have mostly recovered from foot surgery that  has kept me off my feet for about 6 weeks, I am back to sewing and enjoying it!

My first priority is my quilt of the Prague castle houses; it is a Christmas gift, and will be going to Prague after Christmas with its new owner, who is living there for three years.


I have finished all the piecing (really, fusing,) and I am getting lots of practice in free-motion quilting, as I add texture to the buildings, the cobblestones, the chimneys and the sky.  

This square pattern doesn't look great from the back, but it adds a great depth to the dark blue building.


The freehand zigzag is on the red building. That fabric was a gift from the person who will get the quilt, so I enjoyed including it...

The pale blue building got simple stripes. I am trying to give each building a distinctive texture, within my limited ability to do machine quilting patterns.  The peachy building to its left got a simple tight zigzag pattern.

I have four buildings to go, and then a lot of details to tidy up. I have set December 4 as my finish date. I have several other projects to do before Christmas, along with everything else.  I'll post more photos when it is finished.

In the meantime, I am making two big pots of chili for a Thanksgiving open house. One is a vegetarian chili with wheatberries, black beans and garnished with avocado. The other is more traditional (as traditional as chili can be on Thanksgiving) with my additions of cumin and bitter chocolate.

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