Saturday, February 23, 2013

Salmon map

In our Thursday night group, most months, we have a challenge for the next month. I almost always enjoy these, because they give me the chance to work on smaller pieces, and can provide a break from other work.

The challenge for March is to use an experimental technique. I have recently tried working with Solvy, and have also tried out some other surface techniques and materials. So I decided to try something else that has been on my mind - using a map collage to create a picture.

I had a pattern for a Pacific salmon, and that suggested using a map of Oregon. I had a map I had used several years ago when I drove up the Oregon coast with a friend. It was a beautiful trip, and so the design for this quilt included things I like - travel, maps, and of course salmon!

I based the salmon for this quilt on the pattern, and I used fussy-cutting to show Portland and the Columbia River prominently. I used the map borders and the blue and green areas to cut the details from - the "bones," the head, the eyes etc. 

I was fortunate to have a piece of marbled fabric from India with colors that complemented the map colors perfectly, and the design on the fabric suggested water, mountains, and terrain - a fitting background for the fish. 

I used a combination of glue and machine stitching to attach the fish and the details to the fabric. I also applied a small amount of paint to enhance the bones, fins, tail, and head.

It came together very well, and will be a gift to friends who live in Portland. 

I hope to do another piece from a different map. I have  lots of maps to choose from. 

I wish the photograph were a better one, but you get the idea.

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