Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The pleasure of finishing a project!

This is a piece I started a couple of months ago. It took a long time to sew all the sequins on the feathers. It is about 10" x 28"

In December, I had made a similar peacock, in the more traditional "peacock" blue.

We have a friend who breeds peacocks in unusual colors like bronze, gray, and other exotic colors. I had some fabric with more purples than blues, so I decided to do a peacock with those colors. The feathers are made individually, with several fabrics fused in layers. And then LOTS of sequins are sewn on each feather, and the feathers  are applied with a combination of fusing and stitching...

I also finished a fish made of silk, which I started several years ago. I have been cleaning my sewing room, and adding shelves to accommodate all my boxes and projects. (The fish is about 13" x 13")

 In the process, I have uncovered a bunch of unfinished projects.  Some went to the permanently unfinished file (AKA, the garbage), and others will eventually get finished.

It is such a pleasure to work in a room with adequate working space, and to have everything stored for easy access. I just hope I can keep it this organized. 

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  1. Hi Marilyn, as usual your work looks fantastic.