Saturday, February 9, 2013

Back again!

It has been nearly a year since I have posted anything on my blog.  It has been a busy year, and a productive year.

I have had pieces in several shows, and I have had several commissions that I really enjoyed.

Not sure why I haven't written anything, but I hope to do better this year.

One thing that slowed me down a little last year was major surgery in July - - a new shoulder.. I am now 99% recovered, and back to bicycling and kayaking. and sewing!

The three pictures here are examples of things I have done recently. The wool felt chameleon was based on a steel and glass sculpture in a local interior designer shop. The shop owner showed the Polish artist a photo of my quilt (one foot square) and the shop bought the quilt for the artist! Although I have pieces all over, including Prague, I'm certain that is my first piece in Poland! I did it while I was recuperating from my shoulder surgery, and the felt was easy to work with, and fun.

The second piece is another chameleon, made of dupioni silk, and lots of #11 delica beads. It was done for an on-line challenge group that I am in. They issue challenges once a month, and I try to keep up with them.

Things have changed a little locally. Our nearby quilt shop closed in December a year ago. Although it was doing very well, the women who owned and ran it, needed to do something different with their lives. Unfortunately, no one was able to buy the shop and keep it going, so there is a huge gap in Louisville. There are other shops in the suburbs, but not a good quality quilt shop in the metro area. So I count on shops in other cities when we travel, and also some good online shops. I also have a wonderful stash of fabric, and can usually draw from it for my projects.

Our monthly art quilt group, which used to meet in the quilt shop, now meets in the nearby library. It is not as stimulating as the quilt shop, but in spite of meeting in a comparatively dreary room, the group is still doing well, and provides fun and stimulation and support. 

The third piece shown above is our February challenge for our group - - we were to do a quilt, using only black white and gray. I chose a subject that is itself  black, white, and gray. It is a black-crowned night heron. As herons go, it is not as showy or beautiful as the others, but I am happy with the way the quilt turned out. It is 18" by 19".

 I have lots of other photographs to post, so I hope I can do a better job of keeping up with my blog this year... Even if not many people read it, it at least serves as a journal for me. 

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