Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Checking in...

It has been over a month since I had a blog-post.
I have been working, just not at my computer much...

The Kentucky Artisan Center in Berea, KY sent a call to artists for pieces in their spring show, "About Face."

The art, not just quilts, was to be based on the human face. I chose to do a piece inspired by this painting "Senecio" (old man) by Paul Klee, whose work I love.

I have this print hanging in my house, and love it. So I did a small quilt, about 18" x 18" in cottons, some hand-dyed.

For my background, I stayed in the palette of the painting, but branched out with the colors in the face.

I was happy that it was chosen to be in the show. The show opened in March, and there was a reception in the gallery, at which many of the artists were present, and were given the opportunity to say something about their work.

I really liked the show, and will get to go back and see it again in a few weeks. It will be up until August 2012.

I also pulled this rooster out of my unfinished stack. I started it before Christmas, and my goal was to do a rooster using marbled fabrics. Even the "grass" area in the picture is an Indian fabric, lovely pastel colors on marbled fabric.

Something happened when I was finished with the rooster! A bunch of "Eggberts" showed up. I had some fabric with marbled eggs, and it came to the surface, and before I knew it, there were 9 little eggberts running around on the quilt.

So it became a sort of Easter quilt! Lots of fun for me.

This past Saturday, I invited several friends from my Thursday night group to my sewing room for a get-t0gether. It was a lot of fun. Not sure how much work we got done, but the conversation was good, and it was very inspiring and energizing.

A good side effect was the fact that I did some cleaning and organizing in my work area, so people would have room to spread their things out as we talked about them. The group will be coming back in a couple of weeks!

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